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Developing and issuing the Certificates of Conformity to CU Technical reglaments.

In any business it is important to be one step ahead of your competitors in order to reach significant heights. This rule has long been the truth among many entrepreneurs. The advantage over competitors is the certification and declaration of their own products or services. Union of experts UNEX - the certification body in Moscow, offers to issue a certificate of compliance without intermediaries!

For the past 10 years our company has been the leader among organizations that carry out voluntary and mandatory certification of goods and services. Certification of products is one of the key areas of our activity. In addition, our employees help individuals to go through the procedure for certification of products and obtain any kinds of permits: a certificate of conformity for different types of goods; Certificates and declarations of the Customs Union, the EU and the system ISO 9001 and GOST R; Certificate of state registration of products (GGR).

We strive to satisfy the needs of each client, which is why we constantly analyze the state of the consumer market and its development trends. Modern consumers began to pay more attention not only to the composition of products and the design of the label. The consumer is interested in all the documentation that can confirm the safety of the goods.

In recent years, certification issues have been considered at the state level, which may cause the certification procedure to be mandatory. The legislation of the Russian Federation obliges manufacturers to prove the safety and high quality of the products. For this, there is a certification procedure for goods and services. Depending on the type of product certification can be either voluntary or mandatory. At the end, the manufacturer receives a certificate that confirms the compliance of the technical characteristics of the goods with the requirements specified in the GOST or TU.

UNEX Group

Unex is a group of companies with several accredited certification bodies and laboratories.
We provide services for mandatory verification and confirmation of product quality (certification, declaration and testing of products) for compliance with the technical reglaments of the EAC for export to the Customs Union market (including Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). Our company has all the necessary accreditations, and information about us can be viewed on the government portal fsa.gov.ru in the section registries.


We produce any type of Certificate of conformity according to Gost Russia:

EAC Certificates, GOST R certificates, GOST R declarations, Fire Certificate, Registration of medical devices, TR CU certificate, Technical certificate, Certificate of compliance.


Toys and other children's goods. TR CU certification.

Our mission is to provide professional work in the field of toy quality assurance and obtaining a certificate for toys, ensuring all safety requirements.
The technical regulation of the Customs Union "On the Safety of Toys" (TR CU 008/2011) determines the technical requirements for toys other than the EU standards (CEN, CENELEC) or any other standards. Just like The Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, it refers to products or materials intended solely for gaming use of children under 14 years of age. The technical reglaments of the Customs Union "On the safety of products for children and adolescents" (TR CU 007/2011) determine the technical requirements for any other products for children under 14 years, excluding toys, namely: children's clothing, footwear, bed linen and accessories, products Child care (nipples, dishes, diapers).

You can find out from our experts about the confirmation procedure of the quality and conformity to TR of your toy or other children's goods for legal presentation in the Customs Union market by filling out the request form. 


Light industry products certification. TR CU certification.

The technical reglament of the Customs Union "On the Safety of Light Industry Products" (TR TC 017/2011) has a broader spectrum of action than Reglament (EU) No 1007/2011. This TR defines technical requirements not only for textiles, textile haberdashery, clothes, but also for footwear, leather goods, fur products, leather, fur skins, coatings and carpet products, felt, felt and nonwoven products intended for adults.

Please contact us and we will clarify any details on the procedure of CU certification of your goods for the export to the market of the Customs Union.


Oil and gas equipment. High pressure equipment certification.

This certification must be done in conformity with Technical reglaments of the Customs Union On the safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure (TR CU 032/2013) / Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC.

Group of Companies UNEX has its own authorized product certification body, which has accreditation by the Federal Accreditation Agency (Rosakcreditatsiya) to provide confirmation of products’ conformity with TR CU 032/2013 "On the Safety of Equipment Operating under Pressure." Our specialists can professionally advise you in details on all the issues, will help you to prepare all necessary documents, and to choose the optimal scheme of certification.

We can offer you the possibility of voluntary GAZPROMCERT certification, as are their Trustee, as well.



Low-voltage equipment. Low-volgage equipment and lighting products certification.

The UNEX Group, being one of the largest certification agencies, has its own accredited body for certification of electrical equipment and accredited testing laboratories. After the conclusion of the contract with our company, you get rid of the boring routine of certification work. Our specialists will take all the work for themselves: preparing the necessary documentation; Testing of samples with the preparation of test reports; 24-hour professional consultation for clients at all stages of work; Registration of a certificate for products, entry in the registers of accreditation (Rosakkreditatsiya) on the site fsa.gov.ru
In our company you can get a certificate of compliance of low-voltage equipment and electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment with the requirements of the Technical Reglaments of the Customs Union for introduction into circulation in the market of the countries of the Customs Union.)
TECHNICAL REGLAMENTS OF THE CUSTOMS UNION On the safety of low-voltage equipment (TR CU 004/2011) / Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EC).

Technical reglaments of the Customs Union "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment" (TR CU 020/2011) / Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive (2004/108/EC).



Industrial equipment and machine tools. Machinery, equipment and electric tools certification.

In order for the goods to be admitted for sale on the territory of the customs union, goods must comply with all requirements of Customs Union’s legislation. It relates to new products that are exported to Russia for the first time from a country that is not a member of the CU. In the UNEX Group, we will do our best to provide you with a smooth route for selling products in the CU market. Our company cooperates with many world-wide know companies, including Samsung, ATS, Porsche, Siemens, Bosch, Schneider Electric, General Electrics, 3M, etc. Over the years, we have confirmed the conformity of the quality of their products to Russian Gost requirements, and they recommend us as the best certification body in CU countries.

TECHNICAL REGLAMENTS OF THE CUSTOMS UNION "On the safety of machinery and equipment" (TR CU 010/2011) / Machinery and equipment Directives (2006/42/EC).



Certificate of explosion protection. ATEX certification.

The term ATEX comes from "ATmosphere EXplosives" - Explosive atmosphere. If your work is connected to explosive production, then you cannot do without explosion-proof equipment!

Therefore, it is extremely important that the equipment is explosion-safe, and our experts can determine it.



Technical Certificate for construction products. Ministry of Construction certification.

Technical certificate for construction products is the connection between construction industry and human’s life and health safety. The availability of technical specifications and GOST R certificates of conformity in the organization does not exclude necessity to obtain a Technical Certificate for products used in construction, for both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The technical certificate of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation must be obtained for the use of new construction products that can have a significant impact on the state of the environment, reliability, operational properties of buildings and structures, and also on the safety of life and human health. Our company provides comprehensive support in obtaining a Technical Certificate and prepares all necessary documentation.

Products, which require achieving Technical Certificate:

  • Products manufactured using foreign technologies from new materials that are significantly different from those used in Russia;
  • New products developed on the territory of the Russian Federation and first launched into batch production;
  • Various materials that have properties that are not standardized by Russian standards and reglaments;
  • Products that are manufactured according to foreign norms and standards, and for the first time will be applied in the Russian market.


Vehicle components. Auto spare parts certification.

TR TS 018/2011 " About the safety of wheeled vehicles." UNEX group of companies includes product certification bodies accredited by the Rosakkreditatsiia. They have necessary certificates and a full range of credentials for the execution of works on documents that confirm compliance of your goods with the requirements of Technical Reglaments of the Customs Union 018/2011 "On the safety of wheeled vehicles."
The scope of the "automobile" reglaments includes transport M1 (cars) M2 (buses from 8 to 22 seats), M3 (buses with more than 22 seats) N (trucks, special and specialized vehicles on the basis of freight chassis), L ( Motorcycles, mopeds, mokiki, tricycles, ATVs, etc.) and O (trailers and semi-trailers).
In addition, the scope of TR CU 018/2011 includes accessories for vehicles.

Who can get a certificate for components? The applicant (and the owner of the certificate) can be:

  • The manufacturer of components (and residents of the Customs Union).
  • Authorized representative of the manufacturer.
  • Importer of spare parts.
  • The manufacturer of vehicles.

Certification of product conformity by technical reglaments or state standards provides both producers and sellers with the following advantages:

  • No need to document for each country separately;
  • A significant reduction in the time required to complete the certification procedure;
  • Acceleration of trade turnover between states, having a positive impact on their economies;
  • A significant increase in the volume of sales of individual companies and the emergence of prospects for their development.


Work on registration of the document TR CU 018/2011 consists of several stages:

  • conducting tests with the preparation of a protocol;
  • Professional consultation of the customer at all stages of work;
  • Registration of a certificate for products, entering the rococreditation register.


Our certification body consists of experienced specialists, which will provide you with all relevant information and prepare your documents professionally and timely! 

Union of experts UNEX is government accredited certification body with deep understanding of European business culture.

Union of experts UNEX is government accredited certification body with deep understanding of European business culture.

Our strengths are:
- clarified business process,
- professional team of managers and experts,
- cooperation with main scientific organizations in Russia,
- own laboratories for test,
- logistic decisions,
- customs brokerage services.

Comprehensive support

Our goal is to make the process of certification, registration and declaration simple and affordable for every entrepreneur. We will provide you with comprehensive support at all stages of obtaining permits, as well as assist in the preparation of all necessary documentation, and all will be executed as soon as possible.

What clients say about us

"We are grateful for the company «UNEX» for support in preparation of documents and whole process of Certification of our products."

Sincerely, Sergey Sitnikov. CEO "Ansersit" Llc. General Representative of the Brelil TM in Russian Federation.

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Reliable.  A high reputation is the key to the success of our activities, which is why we have established partnerships only with the most trusted laboratories and centers of expertise.



Lawfully.  The entire list of documents is drawn up on the basis of the requirements specified in the Legislation of the Russian Federation. Our documents do not cause questions from the controlling bodies, at the customs, from the local authorities.



Profitable.  Expert union UNEX is a certification body, staffed only by experienced and qualified staff. Each client is assigned a personal manager, which speeds up the process of obtaining certification.




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Who We Are?

UNEX is the group of companies consisting of managing company with headquarter in Moscow, accredited certification body KV Trans with accredited laboratories in Russia and Logistic company with start date 4th quarter of 2012.


Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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